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The elements of great coffee

Now announcing Super Fresh Coffee by the pot

Choose from one of our fresh roasted coffees. We will grind it and brew it for you on the spot.

Coffee & Tea Menu

Brewed Coffee - Refillable Cup$1.49
Brewed Coffee - Fresh Brewed Pot$2.99
Espresso - Single Shot$1.79
Espresso - Double Shot$2.19
Cappuccino - Traditional$2.59
Café Latte (Hot or Cold)$2.59
Café Latte Deluxe (Carmel or Chocolate)$3.19
Fresh Brewed Iced Tea -Free Refills$1.19
Hot Tea$.99

Just $2.99 for an entire pot

We buy our coffee from Sweet Maria's, a supplier of fine specialty coffees to home roasters and small Cafés like us.

Degrees of Coffee Roast

Our Current Coffee Selections

Coffee descriptions summarized from Sweet Maria's

Kenyain - Brazilian Melange Blend
This months house blend, a combination of the bright flavors of the Kenya Nyeri with the rich body of the Brazilian Cerrado.
Mexico Oaxaca Pluma WP Decaf
A mildly bright cup with malty rast tones, sweet and a little fruity.
Brazil Cerrado DP Fazenda Aurea
Low acid cup with creamy body. Roasted to a Full City level.
Kenya Nyeri AA Kiamabara
Lively and bright with balance. Roasted to a City Plus level.